Coach and RFL

RFL Coaches guide - updated Assessment one on one - How to use the RFL as a personal trainer when you meet the client for the first time. Online assessment - How you assess people online with the RFL. Coach Two weeks at a time in the calendar. Very useful so you can see what [...]

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Fitness level, coach and box programming

The coach dashboard took a big leap the last days with more youtube-videos, links to scorecards etc. Big improvement. We also took the time to add this dashboard to the coach module since RFL is included in the coach module. Fitness level We also added a comparison table where we ignore the client's bodyweight and [...]

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Track your body composition!

We just launched a body composition tracking part of BoxPeak. This is a great tool for all fitness entusiasts. Combine an optional photo with data from a scale, InBody machine or similar. We have added the dreaded Waist to Hip Ratio as well for true oldschool measuring. Take a photo of your members I do [...]

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Mailing lists

We just launched a cool system to create mailing lists from your clients and obviously then to be able to send emails to them. Check it out in your dashboard! This feature is a great tool and will reduce admin and improve your ability to respond to your clients and members.   [...]

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Image uploading and embedding

Image processing Behind the scenes we as admins has been able to upload images for a long time. We have now modularized this feature and enabled it for you as coaches and box managers! You can upload an image and use in your programming for instance. You get a public link which you can share [...]

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BoxPeak goes Mailchimp style

For a very long time we have been thinking of starting the development of a bulk emailing system. However Mailchimp and friends are so good so why bother? For some very good reasons. 1: Events. Whenever a client triggers an event lets say, signs up for a competition or a gym then our customer should [...]

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Speedier app

Based on feedback from a client we updated the app even more and released a new version today. SPEED The menus are loaded with AJAX and all calls to classes / programs as well. So once logged in the content loads faster. The first page though still is a notch slow since all resources are [...]

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Coach and competition

Coach module When writing freetext portions ie when mixing loaded exercises with bodyweight etc or if just needed to write a lot of text to explain the exercise. This is a time when shortcodes can come very handy. The system have support for embedding any loaded exercise and connect with the user supplied results. Shortcode [...]

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The apps

Apps in general Added support for AJAX requests which should speed up loading big time. Added better navigation on the class and programming pages. Android 1.1.1 Remembers username / password Fixed a severe caching bug Added support for posting forms so you can post comments etc.  

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