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The apps

Apps in general Added support for AJAX requests which should speed up loading big time. Added better navigation on the class and programming pages. Android 1.1.1 Remembers username / password Fixed a severe caching bug Added support for posting forms so you can post comments etc.  

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Coach & Competition

Coach module As a coach we often copy and paste to have a base template to work with where we adjust individual things. Today we launched such a thing :) Competition module We added support for scaled vs RXd in online competitions. This means that RXd can compete in the same category as the Scaled [...]

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Coach module and KPIS

Coach module The Coach module for boxes travels into Beta mode. The very same module that we soon are launching for Coaches. The difference is that you as a box will have the full Coach package included in your system for an unbeatable price. PT Added graphs to the PT module for better financial tracking. [...]

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Box Programming + Level System

We recently launched the level system for athletes. It was a big success. However the system is built with boxes in mind. To motivate and give the best possible training recommendations for your members. To enable personal training on a bigger scale. When the client sees where on the fitness map they sit it is [...]

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Are you ready to level up?

We have been developing a Fitness Level system targeted towards CrossFit® athletes for the bigger part of 2018. We are proud to now be able to release it to the masses. We call it The Relentless Fitness Level System and it is developed with a strong collaboration with GorillaFitness, Swedens strongest online programming service. Hundreds [...]

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Automatic payments for your Box!

Get access to a state of the art platform for managing all your recurring payments. Stop manually invoicing your members and start focusing on the true nature of your business. Let a system handle all the Our credit card system can handle: Recurring memberships, monthly, quarterly, yearly Punchcards Personal training - split payments into 1-6 [...]

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Provide programming for gym members

If you want to provide programming for your members but you are struggling in how to create a subscription model then we have just the tool for you. It works just like the automatic gym membership. You click on the programming, enter your credit card details and you are done. You as a box owner [...]

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