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Mastery and gadgets

Programming The last month we have updated the Fitness level system like crazy! We have added programs to the levels in the system. Currently 54 programs and counting! Snatch, pressing, pull-ups, dips you name it. Even a 10 level Double under progression. We have learned that athletes need to understand how to move forward from [...]

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Competition self service live

To better accomodate more kinds of users and purses we have opened up the competition management to the public. Want to run a competition? Just click the button and you can get going in minutes. Found on the event page here

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BoxPeak Coach is launched!

BoxPeak Coach is now launched!⠀ ⠀ If you like me had issues gathering all training results, videos, comments and so forth in one place this is the application for you. After our beta launch this winter I have not looked back to google sheets one second.⠀ ⠀ We already had the performance tracking system since [...]

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Track link clicks on your mail

Are you using mailchimp today? If you are then you know how great it is to track how your audience behaves. In BoxPeak we have created a similar system but with YOUR clients as audience. No more exports into Mailchimp send and track emails inside your own account. This saves you a great deal of [...]

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Video uploading

Today we took the content creation to the next level for the coaches. You can now easily upload videos into your own library and attach it to programming. The system searches within your library first then the global library.

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What are we up to?

It was some time ago since we logged something here. We will try to get better but when looking at what we are doing it is pretty understandable that our schedule is tight! So what are we up to? Relentless Fitness Leveling - RFL We are getting really close to launching the RFL to the [...]

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Training log updates

Pheew! We have hated the training log for many years since the integration with the programming has been so-so. Now finally a better way of adding training and integrating with the programs has been launched. It also now integrates pretty good with the new coach module. Since sometimes when you do not have a program [...]

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Longer sessions without login

We have now updated the logic under the hood to possibly get you logged in for a longer time, up to a week! As well we took the opportunity to create pre-filled username/password fields. This might seem like a simple thing but it is indeed not. It's a very risky and complex business in security. [...]

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The top things we did wrong

Performance tracking and coaching BoxPeak started out as Athlete Tracker in 2010. A service where athletes could register training results and get comparison scoreboards. This service quickly grew into the #1 used service in the market in Sweden and stayed there for a long time. Quickly after that, we saw a need for profiling clients [...]

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