Long time since we added info here but it does not mean that we do not work!

The main focus on BoxPeak the last six months has been to get Fitness Levelling up to speed. We have now 10 gyms running fitness leveling which is awesome!

However that does not mean that other parts of BoxPeak stands still.

Scoreboard groups

A request from Norway and from a local competition organiser made us review how to enable grouping of athletes on the scoreboard to elect the Best Box, the Best Tribe and so forth. We are now done with that and the first competition out to test it will be the Nor3F-Liga!

Event setup

A hidden gem in BoxPeak is the event setup module. If you want to setup a workshop or training camp look no further. We have now enabled this module for the public. You find it here

We now have

We have been updating fitness leveling for the last quarter and now we are heading into Coach again + translating the entire site to Swedish!