The last month we have updated the Fitness level system like crazy! We have added programs to the levels in the system. Currently 54 programs and counting! Snatch, pressing, pull-ups, dips you name it. Even a 10 level Double under progression. We have learned that athletes need to understand how to move forward from the assessment. “What is next? How do I progress?”

It started as a small mastery note on each level but has swollen out to include a full training logging service, it appears in your dashboards and overviews etc.

We have woven together the eco system of Assessment and training. This adds a high level of indiviualisation on an otherwise template system which is of great value for the client.


We have integrated with Google Fit which enables us to give you more insights about your training. We already have hundreds of people that has connected their FitBit or heartrate monitor to us and can now get both step measurement, training, sleep, weight etc registered and get feedback on it. It adds a health aspect to the otherwise performance centric system

Check it out in your dashboard, enabled for all that has the fitness leveling system. If you do not have the system get it here