It was some time ago since we logged something here. We will try to get better but when looking at what we are doing it is pretty understandable that our schedule is tight!

So what are we up to?

Relentless Fitness Leveling – RFL

We are getting really close to launching the RFL to the public now, just the final touches of the website. Expected public launch in August.

What the heck is RFL? Fitness Leveling with focus on giving the client recurring motivation and striving for improvements. We have tested the framework for close to nine months now over several gyms and the results speak for themselves. Clients spend more time in the gym and attending classes. This alone will increase success. PT sales doubled, higher spirits in the gym, “when can we get next test week” etc. This framework is excellent for client success and retention

BoxPeak Live

Real time timing system for competitions. Big success at Nationals in Functional Fitness 2019 and the final true test at worlds in Malmö. We are aiming for running it at two competitions in between though. Northern Spirit Throwdown and Army of Two. Exciting indeed!

From an organiser stand point this is awesome. Present in real time who won and get rid of the problem with handheld watches. Of course handheld watches need to be used as backup but an accurate system should be used as the foundation. This system is accurate down to milliseconds. Can a human beat that across 12 lanes? No that is just impossible.

A very prize worthy alternative to chip timing which in reality is too expensive for the market of Functional Fitness.

BoxPeak Coach

It is already live and has been in use by 20 coaches since February. 10 of them is part of the beta test group. However we expect to have a more glossy landing page by September so stay tuned!

I who program for individual use this everyday. I have not looked back at google spreadsheets since even though I like those too. By weaving in videos and results into one place the circle is complete. On top of that RFL is integrated so you can easily spot weaknesses / strengths on your client.

Box programming

Not really provided by BoxPeak but a joint venture with Relentless Method and the staff there. Standalone or combined with RFL this is just a superb product.

Bugs of course

On top of this as usual, loads of bug fixes. These bugs never cease coming which is the nature of developing new things!

Onwards! Upwards!