Performance tracking and coaching

BoxPeak started out as Athlete Tracker in 2010. A service where athletes could register training results and get comparison scoreboards. This service quickly grew into the #1 used service in the market in Sweden and stayed there for a long time. Quickly after that, we saw a need for profiling clients on a box level so we built a physical profiling module for both boxes and coaches. Gyms reached out wanting this service, even clients such as the most successful box in Sweden enabled this product.


Competition scoring

In 2013 we got tired of the market in competition scoring so we built our own and we built a beautiful system used by hundreds of events since then. We love measuring and tracking athletes on competition day. This is a cool feature that we believe delivers value to the market.

Box services

“Oh, wait. We a have a backbone for boxes to sign-in and members to join. What about programming, class booking, memberships, pt, client tracking and so forth? Do you have an app?”

As developers we want to fit clients needs and we love a good challenge. However, this can take us down a risky path (it’s like a CrossFitter on a rest day: “Oh look! Weights!”), which it did.

One feature that quickly came out on top of the box services was the programming module. Why? Since we know fitness.

Federation system

“Oh, look! There is a new trend going on here – it’s called Functional Fitness. Lets help them creating a service for administrating all the clubs out there.”

We sure did. We have helped the iF3 and lots of national federations running both their competitions and clubs. How much support do you think +100 clubs having a few thousands of members can create? Hint: It’s not in the margins.

The app

OMG, don’t get me started on this one. Anyone that has an app knows that it is a hustle maintaining one in the first place due to device updates. The second is that it costs _a lot_ to create an app. Just the basics is around $10k and to get any logic into it, you would want to throw in another 20-30k.


We are Java developers. We know how to build web apps. We are not graphical app designers. Still we created an app that tries to wrap our web service. It looks aweful, is somewhat buggy and yeah… We admit it, it sucks. It’s an abomination to front our beautiful backend services.

Did you know that there are 800 000 (!) lines of code written under the hood? Each line badly misrepresented by that shitty app.

Make no mistake, the app does work but… It’s not keeping up at all with the web service. It’s draining power from the core business.

Cool you have a lot of stuff, what did go wrong?

In 2018, we ended up having steered away from what drove us into the market and what we are _really really_ good at: fitness and how to measure it.

We are not a banking service which gym administration basically is about. You can get pretty cheap systems these days for this. They only do this. It’s their core product so if they are not the experts in this, who should be? How can we really compete in that niche if we have all the products and the support that comes with it?

What we have learned is that you shall stick with what you love instead of running into rabbit holes. We learned that we need to say no. We are going to stop selling and developing some services. We will kill the development of the app.

Back to the roots and beyond

During 2017 an employee at my box came up with the idea to implement a leveling system for our gym members. I got pretty fired up. Here is a guy that touches the key thing what drove us into this. It sure turned out great. Thank you Mats for this. We owe you.

This leads us who run BoxPeak to ask eachother what we love about BoxPeak:

Measuring fitness

We love measuring fitness and motivating clients into working out more. We love fitness evolution and the development of it. That’s it. Wow. Lets get to work.

We quickly dusted off the fitness profiling module and got to work. After a month we realised that the fitness map to support this was going to be huge. This is where most people stop. We did not. We realised that we had not really touched the core in the system for a long time: the workout and exercise tracking. So we have spent a big deal of time updating the tracking services under the hood and polished the front end. Adding a lot of stuff as sleep and readiness to train tracking, the list is very long.

This led into the service Relentless Fitness Level (RFL). We have created a service which is in touch with the foundation of what we love. How to put a client on a fitness map, creating a destination, building the journey for both the coach and the client. The coach can give the client a compass and time table to reach the destination. It’s just excellent. This service has been in beta for six months on four boxes with great results on net revenue for the box and in motivation for the clients. We are rolling this service out big time.

Read more about RFL here.

Coaching and programming

You have all this measuring, but how do you program and communicate with the client?

We had a coach module. We had a programming service. We blended these, took what’s best from google sheets (the overview and snappy saves) and created a product where feedback is central. You can program for groups and get revenue from it, program for clients and at the same time use all the bells and whistles in BoxPeak. We already have exercise and workout tracking. We know how to measure fitness. This service as well has been in beta the entire spring of 2019. It’s now live.

Read more about BoxPeak coach here

Launch time

We are updating and launching our offer soon, stay tuned. RIP BoxPeak App

If you are interested in getting to know more about the coach and RFL roadmap do not hesitate in reaching out at