So, I was playing around with something really wicked last night – the brand new Coach Module in Boxpeak…

Are you a coach? Are you still using spreadsheets in Excel or Google Docs?

Stop doing that! Just stop!

The BoxPeak coaching module is freaking awesome and gives you so much control and so many options to track and feed your clients and athletes:

  • You can add as many clients as you want
  • You can programme each client individually and replicate programmes between clients and days
  • You can create subscribable programmes and sell them to the masses
  • You can use the gigantrous database of movements, workouts and standards that we have built into the system
  • Your client can comment on each block, workout or set and you can comment back.
  • You can track your clients performance over time on each and every single motion and movement.
  • You and your client have access to BoxPeak’s Fitness Levelling – an awesome tool for finding strong and weak parts of your clients game in the whim of a simple click.

Check out these screenshots:

Sounds good?
Wanna try it?

Were offering ten coaches the opportunity to test the system for free for a year. All we want back is your sincere feedback. What is working great? What is not working great? What features would you like to add? What features are totally unnecessary? How does your clients feel about the system? What are you telling you friends and family about us? Would you use it yourself as an athlete?

Want in? Register here and we will get back to you >>