For a very long time we have been thinking of starting the development of a bulk emailing system. However Mailchimp and friends are so good so why bother?

For some very good reasons.

1: Events.

Whenever a client triggers an event lets say, signs up for a competition or a gym then our customer should be able to send the client an email from the system (automatically).

There are zillions of use-cases in the system today and we will spend time here helping our gym owners specifically.

Applicable to but not limited to

  • Competition managers
  • Box managers
  • Coaches (the new coach module)
  • Federation clubs
  • Federations

And while we are at it we added tracking for the emails. So we just like mailchimp can track how many mails are sent and when they actually opened the email. This is great intel when designing emails.

2: Mailing lists.

Lets say you are running a box or a competition. Today you would need to extract all the contacts from our system and import them into Mailchimp or similar and from there design the emails. This is a pretty tedious task. I know since I run a gym myself and this is exactly how I do. You end up with two email lists that for a very brief time are the same. In just a few weeks they start to glide apart and you need to update the mailchimp list again. Bah!

While we were at it we also added our great editor where you can upload images and get them embedded in a nice HTML-mail.

Our first customer to use this feature is the USAFF for their championship qualifier. If you want features (or point out that we need to smooth something) in the system just send a mail to and we can add it to the roadmap.