We have been developing a Fitness Level system targeted towards CrossFit® athletes for the bigger part of 2018. We are proud to now be able to release it to the masses.

We call it The Relentless Fitness Level System and it is developed with a strong collaboration with GorillaFitness, Swedens strongest online programming service. Hundreds of athletes are in the incubator of this system to provide us with more data everyday to tune the system.

What it is

It consists of 32 levels in the six categories we have found are the most important for fitness.




Upper body pull

Upper body push


Aerobic capacity



We have benchmarked the levels against a wide population of athletes and at the absolute top we find the CrossFit® Games athletes. The average CrossFit® Games male weighs 88kg and the average female weighs 65kg. The assumptions made come from this top and all the way down to the normal fitness client. We want the top levels to be almost unattainable. The pinnacle of each category. Only 1 in 100 000 will reach this level but everyone should be able to perform level one and the vast majority over level four.

Gender and bodyweight

We use your gender and bodyweight to decide what result you should perform for your level so it is very important that you always add a recent bodyweight to the test results. We do not have age group levels yet.


The system heavily uses bodyweight ratios to find the correct weight for your level. In the future we are looking into implementing the Wilks formula to make the comparison between weight classes even more fair.

How it works

Each level have one or more tests that need to be conducted to pass that level. However if you register weights for exercises on a higher level and the system finds that you have passed the tests for that level then you will be granted that level. This means that we do not force you to register all exercises from the ground up even though we encourage you to do so. For instance we think that it is not neccesary for someone who can perform five strict muscle-ups to register results for ring rows.


In the Fitness Level dashboard you will see an overview on what level you are at now and what to do to get to the next level in each category.

Programming for each level

We will give you hints about programming to target what we find are your weak spots. If your already are on the GorillaFitness Box Programming and the Box have this module enabled you will get programming tailored  for you and your level! GorillaFitness followers get this system out of the box when they subscribe.

Why Fitness Leveling?

  •  Get a clear picture on where you are on the Fitness map
  •  Identify strengths and weaknesses
  •  Stay motivated over time by creating a plan with reachable goals
Get access to this system for just €4.9 / 49kr per mth
Do you want to get access to this system for your box? Contact us and we will tell you more about it!